The clayey and hilly soil favored by the Mediterranean climate and the proximity of the sea have allowed, since the settlements of the Greeks in the area, the cultivation of the olive tree.

The Valle del Belìce represents the flagship of the olive production of western Sicily, with the native Nocellara del Belìce variety, which lends itself to table processing but also to the production of extra virgin olive oil, both with DOP certification.


Extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from the Nocellara del Belìce monocultivar.
Perfect to use raw as a condiment and in cooking, thanks to the higher smoke point compared to other oils. Recommended on grilled fish, vegetables and white meats.
Its color ranges from yellow to green, with a very low acidity level.
With a fruity aroma, with notes of aromatic herbs, almond and green tomato, it has a bitter taste with a hint of sweet and slightly spicy.


The Nocellara del Belìce olive, of ancient origins, is a Sicilian gastronomic excellence and is the spearhead of our company.
The fruits are known for their high digestibility, antioxidant and protective qualities, and excellent for controlling cholesterol and sugars.
Still today the harvest is done by hand, using the ancient technique of picking, in this way we preserve the integrity of the fruit, while high technology is reserved exclusively for the transformation process.


Our olive patés are made exclusively from olives of the Nocellara del Belìce cultivar, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil (PGI Nocellara del Belìce) and typical aromas of the Mediterranean diet, without colorings and preservatives.
Ideal for bruschetta and canapés.


We work the pasta according to the local Sicilian artisan tradition, rigorously by hand, with genuine and zero km ingredients.
Maximum respect for raw materials guarantees the authentic flavor of real homemade pasta.
Water, flour, ancient Sicilian grains, eggs: these are just the essential ingredients of our Busiate, ideal for first courses with sauces or pestos.