We work to obtain the high quality of the product by focusing on
production efficiency, professional training, continuous innovation of
business processes, packaging of superlative foods for goodness and
authenticity, and attention to every single human resource.


Today Terre in Fiore is a complex reality that takes care of the cultivation of the fruits, deals with the processing of the same in various forms to obtain a packaging studied in detail for each individual product. Nothing is left to chance.

The flower of our logo shines in the Sicilian sunlight on a verdant field of olive trees!

Because the olive tree does not age, every season is a source of new life, every flowering is new sap, this sap is TERRE in FIORE.


Terre in Fiore is the expression of a deep-rooted agricultural tradition of the Belicino area (Western Sicily) specialized in the production of table olives and extra virgin olive oil of the monocultivar variety "Nocellara del Belìce".
The choice of an organic cultivation system in loyalty to our territory has led us to choose a sales policy to a selected market of consumers, attentive to their health and the environment.
Our farms are located right in the heart of the Vallata Belicina, a handful of kilometers from the well-known archaeological park of Selinunte and extend over several hectares.


Founder - Head of production processes.

After completing his high school studies, he puts the ambition of founding his own company free from the production stereotypes linked to the Sicilian agricultural tradition before the university project. In 2011 he founded Terre in Fiore, an innovative, "young" company right from the start and with a company policy aimed at respecting the product, the environment, consumer health and always projected towards new frontiers! In 2013 he met Veronica who a few years later would become his life partner and key figure in the conception of the new entrepreneurial reality; in 2021 the family expands with the arrival of little Alessandro who gives new life to the corporate dream under construction.


Commercial Director.

After years as an employee, in a cooperative society in Palermo, the chance meeting with Vincenzo Italia, a very young boy in love with his territory and full of sparkling ideas, kidnaps him and gives him back a new enthusiasm and the desire to go back to believing in the possibility of an independent activity, able to give him the opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired with his own professional studies and with the work experience gained in the field of public relations.
He decides to make the leap in quality, in 2012 he becomes an integral part of Terre In Fiore taking care of the commercial aspect. While making use of the communication channels now widespread on the web, it continues to prefer a direct, frank and honest relationship with the consumer.


Legal administrator, promoter and social media manager.

In 2016 she obtained a diploma in "administration, finance and marketing" and immediately after she began working in various commercial activities as a sales and public relations officer, there she strengthens the skills learned during her studies, but she misses the classic Sundays October, during the olive harvest, with mom, dad, his brother Giovanni, grandma Enza and Aurora, the eldest of his cousins, baskets around their necks, racing among the trees....

The meeting with Vincenzo offers her the opportunity to relive those emotions and make them her future career; with extraordinary enthusiasm she marries Vincenzo and his corporate project until she becomes its fulcrum.


Consultant and legal representative.

He has been practicing the profession of lawyer for 17 years with particular dedication to the field of family law, juvenile law and criminal law.
When Vincenzo and Giuseppe propose that she follow the project of the new Terre in Fiore not only as an external lawyer, she feels the strong call of the afternoons spent in the family countryside, of snacks based on bread and freshly crushed olives seasoned with mythical grandmother Enza, but at the same time she is enticed by the idea of embarking on an entrepreneurial experience that gives prestige to her family roots.
From the courtrooms to the new Terre in Fiore the step is very short!


Deputy Production Manager.

After completing his studies at the IPSIA of Santa Ninfa, he decided to cultivate the family land inherited from his father, moved by the profound sense of responsibility handed down to him by the latter.
In 2015 he joined the Terre In Fiore family providing a fundamental technical contribution to the growth of the company which earned him, over time, the recognition of a leading role in the practical-organizational dynamics of the same.